Growing up in Sitka I attended the schools in the Sitka School School District (though Verstovia Elementary School had not been built when I was in elementary school). I was able to complete most of my high school requirements by the end of my junior year. This enabled me to attend Sheldon Jackson College full time during my senior year of high school.

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After graduating from high school I went to Northwest Nazarene College. I graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics in May '95. However I decided I was not ready for graduate school yet, nor did I want to cease my schooling so I continued on at NNC for one more year and was able to complete a B.A. in Philosophy.

In Fall '96 I began graduate school at Washington State University. In May 1998 I finished up a master's degree in math. In May 2002 I received an MS in statistics. I am currently working on my dissertation for a PhD in math.