Pimentos and crumhorns lined in a row
home ec is for teaching students to sew.
Burnt toast and onions all deep fat fried,
honest to goodness, I'll try not to be snide.

The spam can take you beyond all life
The spam can be cut real thin with a knife
The spam will cause the world's great fall
Don't eat spam while watching kids in the hall

backwards, forwards, side to side
no need to tell me; someone died.
twisting, turning, round about
let's all go eat sauerkraut.

There's a dancer and a prancer
out on the wedding floor
the meals on wheels and plants are
flying out the door.

pasties and pilots passed out for tea
The windows are covered and no one can see
the sky is like twilight, the couch is all worn
from what book of poems was this dumb thing torn?

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