Group Photo

Group Photo
I do not know the names (or spellings) of everyone in the picture, but I will do my best (from left to right):

Front Row: Mike Fleming, Cheri Fleming, Melody ???, Grace Schoel Maryjo Van Dyne, Glen Van Dyne
Middle Row: Roberta Mattin, Arlene Roseveare, Barbara Grant, Melissa Goff (with Connor), Matt Goff, Mary Goff, Dick Goff, Karl Roseveare, Steph Vieira, Steve Vieira
Back Row: Hank Grant, Ruth Froust, Greg Froust, Tim Johnson, Dick Schoel, Jonathan Goff, Ann and Jay Crowe, Pat and Forrest Hetland, Kathie Etulain

As can happen with group photos, not everyone was ready or in sight at the same time in any of the pictures I took, so I did a little compositing. The originals are here and here.

Location: Gig Harbor, Washington

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