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15 November 2010
One day short of 3 years later, finally another update. Changed the About page to provide more current information.
16 November 2007
While I will leave the photojournals up though 2006 on this site, for 2007 and the future, photojournals will be at the Sitka Nature site. Links on the front page here will go there.
10 August 2007
Updated the About page to reflect recent changes in circumstance.
16 July 2007
I've obviously not been keeping up with updates on this site this year. To a large extent that's because I have shifted my focus to work on the Sitka Nature site. I'm not sure how (or if) I will continue with the photojournal going forward, as my photographic workflow has changed a bit with an upgrade in software. Other recent changes include the suspension of Academic programs at Sheldon Jackson College, with the result that I no longer have a job teaching, so that section has been removed from the site. I have heard that some people keep coming back looking for new family stuff, but there's not been much of that lately. I've become fond of using the weblog format on my nature related site, so I'm going to give it a try here. I started a weblog for the kids. Mostly I'll let them do the story telling, I think, though for now I will help them by transcribing what they tell me.
4 February 2007
Updated Fall/Winter 2006 with photos through the end of the year.
Started a new "What's New Page for 2007
What was new in 2006