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Heart Lake

Connor and I went on a short hike up to Heart Lake on Sunday. It looks like work has started to put in around the north side of the lake. A swath of brush had been cut a short distance from the lake edge. This presumably is meant to be part of the Thimbleberry to Heart Lake multiuse trail that is part of the comprehensive trail plan for Sitka.

I found a gray damselfly laying in the water. It looked dead, so I picked it up. When I had it on my finger, it started moving. I was trying to hurry to get the closeup attachment on my lens so I could take a picture, but it flew off before I was finished. It did not seem to be flying very well, but it went behind Connor and I couldn't get him to move fast enough to see where it landed.

There were yellow pondlilies blooming. The marsh cinquefoil had new leaves out, but there were not any blooms.