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White Alpine Azalea Cloudberry I Labrador Tea Pink Alpine Azalea
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Blueberry Twin Flwr Heather
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W Bog-Laurel Pine Huckleberry Blueberry
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Blueberry Cloudberry II AK Heather White Mountain Heather
White Alpine Azalea | Cloudberry I | Labrador Tea | Pink Alpine Azalea | Western Bog-Laurel | Dwarf Shore Pine | Blueberry I | Twin Flower | White Mountain Heather | Red Huckleberry | Blueberry II | Blueberry III | Cloudberry II | Alaska Mountain Heather | White Mountain Heather

Alaskan Shrubs:

These pictures of various shrubs were taken around Sitka, Alaska in Summer 1998. The plants have been identified to the best of my current ability primarily with the help of Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast which was compiled and edited by Jim Pojar and Andy MacKinnon and Alaska Trees and Shrubs (Forest Service Agriculture Handbook No. 410) by Leslie A. Viereck and Elbert L. Little Jr.   As I learn more, revisions in the identifications may be made (any help would be appreciated as I am not very experienced in plant identification).

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